It is Sunday which means it is time for another BFFL instalment. If you're not sure what it is be sure to check out number 1 here which has more information. In short here is a list of bloggers and some facts about them, if you see something you agree with or someone who lives near … Continue reading BFFL #3


Hello and welcome back to another post in the BFFL (blogging friends for life) series. If you haven't checked out the first one you can find it here. I've got 8 more lovely bloggers for you to learn more about and even make friends with. If you relate to something they say or see someone local … Continue reading BFFL #2


Hello all you lovely people. Today is the first instalment in my BFFL (blogging friends for life) series, if you haven't heard of it yet or want to get involved then you should definitely head over to my Twitter or email me at The point of this series is to get to know the people behind … Continue reading BFFL #1