Let’s talk about contraception…

Hello lovelies, a little bit more of a personal one coming your way today and definitely something I would love to hear your experiences/thoughts on. Now I know that this topic has some weird taboo about it that some people don’t like to hear but I am definitely not ready for a child yet so therefore I am on contraception (see not so gross after all). This is a post about my different experiences with 2 different types of contraception and my honest opinions of them.

CERELLE PILL I remember it like it was yesterday, I mean it was only 3 years ago, little 18 year old me sat in the doctors office and said I wanted to go on the pill. All I had ever really been taught about in school was this ‘pill’, little did I know there was actually a few different types of pills (as well as other types of contraception). The doctor asked me a range of questions about my health, as well as my family history, and once she heard that I am very susceptible to migraines she said I couldn’t go on the usual combined pill I would have to go on a progesterone-only pill. She went on to explain that, unlike the other pill, I have to take this one everyday with no breaks and that it could completely stop my period. Looking back I really wish I did more research into this pill as well as other options but I chose to just go head with it.

I have had acne since I turned 11 so also wanted to go on the pill as I heard it helped out a lot with spots. What I didn’t know, however, is that the Cerelle pill that I went on actually did the opposite and made my skin 100x worse. As the year went on my skin did clear up (once I sorted out my skincare routine) but it never cleared up all together. Added to this it also had a really negative effect on my body image, I wouldn’t say that it actually caused me to gain weight but it caused me too feel heavier and bloated which really impacted my self confidence. As far as my mental health is concerned it has definitely got worse over the past couple of years but whether that is down to the pill, life being a bit of a pritt stick or a combination of the 2 I couldn’t really say!

Once I started taking it I had a continuos bleed for 2 months straight, which was not fun at all, but then my period stopped all together for about 6 months. For the first year and a half I was very good at taking my pill at the same time everyday which meant that for the most part I didn’t have any bleeding at all but every now and again I would have a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself if you know what I mean! For the last few months I was on it though I just got really slack with taking it on time, not only did this have a bad affect on my love life as I never really knew if I was safe but it also meant I was bleeding continuously for about 4 months (again not great for the old love life!) Now this was my fault due to my inability to take a pill everyday but I just new I wasn’t happy with the pill and wanted to change to something that I didn’t have to think about every day of my life!


  1. When taken properly (within 2 hours of the same time everyday) it meant that I had no periods/bleeding at all
  2. If taken irregularly it caused irregular bleeds (funny that)
  3. Made my skin worse to begin with but it has calmed down
  4. Caused bloating/feeling heavier
  5. I didn’t get pregnant so in that sense it was a success


IMPLANT Once I had made the decision that I had had enough of the pill I went to the sexual health clinic and spoke to an absolutely lovely nurse there. We talked about all kinds of options from condoms to the coil until we settled on the implant. She showed me a figurine (I guess thats what it is) of what it would feel like in my arm and talked me through the process of getting it implanted step by step. I decided it was what I wanted and made an appointment to come back a week later and get it fitted.

Whilst I was sat in the waiting room  (and freaking out a bit) a rather over the top girl came in shouting to her friends about how it feels so weird and she feels incredibly faint, not to add that it hurt worse than anything she’s ever experienced. Just what you want to hear when you’re going in for the same process in about 10 minutes. Never the less I plucked up the courage and went in anyway! Again I had an amazing nurse who went through a few medical questions before laying me down on the bed. First she drew a pen mark of where it was going to go before injecting me with some general anaesthetic in my arm, this is the bit that hurt! It was like 3 bee stings BUT it was over in about 20 seconds and then the top part of my arm went completely numb. This meant that when she put the actual implant in I didn’t feel a thing apart from a little bit of pressure. As far as feeling dizzy was concerned, now as a person with very low blood pressure I always feel dizzy, for the first hour or so I was fine but as the evening went on I got quite drowsy and was very much looking forward to getting into bed! The nurse wrapped my arm in a bandage that I had to keep on for 3 days and to shower I had to wrap my arm in clingfilm. For the next couple of days my arm ached a lot and bruised quite badly.IMG_5246IMG_5267

So now I’m about 10 months in and so far I have had mostly regular periods with no other problems. The bruising went down after a couple of weeks and now I feel absolutely no pain in my arm at all. So far I am liking it a lot more than the pill simply because my periods are now regular and I don’t have to think about remembering to take something everyday. I don’t feel confident enough yet to say that I won’t have any issues simply because I am only a few months in but I am definitely happy that I made the change!


  1. General aesthetic injections have a short/sharp pain like a bee sting but other than that it doesn’t hurt getting the implant
  2. Have to wear a bandage (that you cant get wet)/ have bad bruising for a few days so chances are you will get people asking “what happened to your arm”
  3. Regulated my periods
  4. Means I am covered for 3 years
  5. So far I am not pregnant so in that sense it was also a success!

COMING OFF CONTRACEPTION? After deciding to come off the pill I did consider coming off contraception (apart from condoms) all together and just let my body be a bit more natural! I thought lots about it and looked into the new process of taking your temperature to see if your ovulating (it is a lot more scientific than that). But I just thought to myself if I can’t even remember to take a pill then I won’t remember to take my temperature everyday!

This ended up being a bit longer than I intended but I didn’t want to miss anything out! What are your experiences with/without contraception?

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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    1. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t found something that works! Although the implant does stay in you it is possible to get it taken out whenever you want to, you don’t have to wait the whole 3 years so it might be worth a try! x

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