An escape room… home?

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a sucker for mystery and competition. That is why the idea of an escape room you can host at home sounded like a dream to me. Eight friends and I decided to take on the Escape Room Z challenge created by Lock, Paper, Scissors.

The escape room is split into 3 tasks (save the pizza, find a weapon and escape from the zombies) so I will separate this post into 3 sections. The first will just talk through the logistics and process of the night (minis any spoilers I promise), then the second and third will evaluate the pros and cons of the night. So grab a slice of pizza and enjoy.

Lock, Paper, Scissors were generous enough to send me this kit but this post is not sponsored so all thoughts and opinions are my own.


The kit came through as a zip file to download. There was a pdf of the clues (which could be printed as 6×4 photos or an A4 document) as well as a whole selection of posters and invites to really help you set the scene. I simply just had to print out the clues, cut them out and then follow a simple video that explains how to set them up in your house.

Seeing as we had 2 windows and 2 ovens in our student house we decided to divide the room, and the group, in half to amp up the competition. It was unbelievably quick and easy to do.

Once the room was ready and everyone had arrived we sat around the tv to watch a quick introduction video and then off we went. We split into our teams and then, if I’m honest, sat around baffled for a good 15 mins. I think we tried to be clever and do it on our own without consulting the hints provided on the website but this turned out to be a mistake. After an hour we thought that it was time to look at the hints which definitely made it a lot easier! They pointed you in the right direction but without bluntly giving away the answer. Once we knew what we were doing everything seemed to fly by and before long we were the champions (woooo go us!).


  1. It really was a challenge. This escape room was genuinely difficult and kept us all interested (and confused at times). The hints provided online were helpful but not too obvious and I would definitely recommend looking at them if you are stuck!
  2. All you need is a printer and then you have a whole event sorted…easy as pie (or in this case pizza)
  3. It had great theming that you could really take all out! There is so much visual imagery related to zombies that you could decorate your whole room around and even make it a costume party.


  1. There didn’t seem to be a start point. Having watched the short introduction video we all felt a bit as if we had been thrown into the deep end with no clear direction as to what to actually do next. I think it would’ve been helpful to have some sort of starting clue just to get the ball rolling.
  2. The size they recommend printing the clues is quite small. We did find ourselves squinting at times to try and find what we were missing so I would recommend printing each clue at at least an A5 size just to make things easier for yourself.
  3. It didn’t come with a real pizza! Understandably this is something that would be difficult for Lock, Paper, Scissors to pull off (unless you can deliveroo from America) but I would highly recommend getting some actual pizzas to use as an extra incentive.

Overall we had a great time, even if it did leave us all rather baffled for a good hour! I would highly recommend the Lock, Paper, Scissors kit for any event you’re throwing with your friends and family.

Until the 28th April I am hosting a giveaway of 3 of the kits over on my Twitter!

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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