An open letter to my skin

Dear skin

Lets be honest, you’re a bit of a prick!

For the first 10 years we had a great relationship, you were gentle and easy and we got on like 2 peas in a pod. Then the terrible teens hit. Now I can’t completely blame you, those pesky hormones did have a big part to play, but you didn’t have to react quite so dramatically did you? I mean one spot a day and I am sure we could have worked through it but you decided to build a model of the Grand Canyon all over my face.

So the school years progressed as did the names: dot to dot, speed bump, frog face (to name a few). I think that got us both down for a while but come on you didn’t have to react by multiplying the spots now did you? I got through that stage though because of what I was told “ohh those spots will go when you get out of your early teens” but you clearly did not get that memo did you because I am 20 now and well, they’re still here!

I will hold my hands up and say that I didn’t help the situation by trying to hide the problem. Plastering on layers of make up may have worked in the short term but it has done me a lot of damage now. If I could go back and change everything I would hold back on the cheap, chemical foundation! It gave me confidence though that I really needed to deal with the negative opinions everyone else seemed to have about you. It wasn’t even direct comments that used to hurt. Remember the days when we would go to the bathroom with the girls and they would complain about having one little pimple on the chin and how ‘ugly’ it was – well trying having them all over your face!

One thing I could do with you helping me out on is actually starting to reflect the amount of effort I put into taking care of you. If I have to hear “just clean your face more” or “have you drunk enough water” one more time I think I will resort to wearing a mask full time. I make sure to keep you clean and hydrated as well as I can, even resorting to hardly wearing make up anymore, but you don’t seem too keen on showing that. We have used every product under the sun to try and help you out, from drugstore to doctor prescribed creams, even the dreaded roaccutane (which my mental health will definitely agree with when I say that was a big mistake). Maybe I haven’t quite found the perfect product yet but I am working on it I promise!

If I am honest I have come to accept you. After 10 years I hardly even notice the spots anymore, they’re just a part of me. BUT I would really appreciate some clear skin again, being able to look in the mirror without seeing a big red mountain blossoming on my chin would be lovely and being able to talk to someone without them unconsciously cringing at my skin would also make me rather happy. All I am trying to say here is we need to build a better relationship and to do that you need to get your act together and just be clear for once please!

Thank you.IMG_0958

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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6 thoughts on “An open letter to my skin

  1. This is a unique and lovely post! I️ definitely can agree with this struggle, as I’m sure many girls can. It is something special when you read that other people are struggling with similar issues. Thanks for sharing, you are beautiful, not just your pictures but the words you used!

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