Perfect photo filter?

Perfectly edited photos seems to be a requirement to be a blogger recently. Now I am not complaining about this, if anything I love seeing the outcome, but it is not something that I am very good at! After lots of research I have found that VSCO cam seems to be a very  popular editing app and everyone seems to have their own process to create gorgeous photos e.g HB2 (+8) Contrast (-2) Exposure (+4) and so on.

This got me thinking, is there such thing as a perfect photo filter that makes your Instagram look like something out of vogue? I have decided to test out a few different filter themes on a range of classic blogger photos (a fashion shot, a travel shot, a flat lay shot) to see if there really is such a thing! QUICK DISCLAIMER – I have only used filters that are free on VSCO so they are accessible to everyone and all of the themes I got off of here!

  1. COLOURFUL AND VIBRANT d09690516155487e0bdd0ad6b3b8535d.jpgVSCO3.jpg

I think that this filter works amazingly well for travel posts as it makes the sky really vibrant but (as you can see) it isn’t great for fashion photos, unless you want to look like you have a serious tan! If you did like this theme though you can just turn the contrast and saturation down a bit on fashion photos, or edit the skin tone to take away the orange tint



This feels like the most typical blogger theme with the crisp white backgrounds and it does work really well with flat lays but I have to say that I think it washes out travel photos and fashion shots. If you did like this theme though you can always turn the exposure up a bit so they aren’t so white washed.



I was attracted to this one because of it had more of a natural feel but on a majority of the photos it ended up looking more like it had a weird sepia filter on rather than the golden glow I was after! If you did like this theme though you can turn the temperature down a bit too make it slightly more cool toned.



I wanted to have something that was in complete contrast to the bright white we are so used to seeing and I think that this filter seemed to be the most consecutive across the photos and really did give them an edgy/dusk feel. If you did like this theme though but felt it was too dark you can turn the P5 filter down a bit so more light comes through.

Overall I feel that consecutive themes are doable but having one filter across all photos won’t always work as some need more focus on the light and others need to add more contrast. Do you stick to one theme or just edit a photo any way you like?

Go and grab another cuppa on me, Em x

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7 thoughts on “Perfect photo filter?

  1. I think it is too hard to only use one filter when colouring photos. That is unless you only take the same type of photo consistently!

    When I edit my photos on Lightroom, I initially put a preset I created but then I tweak it according to the photo!

    Nat // Dignifiable

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  2. I’ve been doing a lot of “research” into Instagram themes lately because I love a nice feed. My problem is the one you’ve pointed out, though, where I have too many different kinds of photos to use one theme. Using one filter + settings combination just doesn’t work. I’m still searching, though, because it seems like a lot of bloggers have managed to find a style. … Maybe one day, haha. 🙂 x

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