Stuck in a lift with?

As a person who suffers from claustrophobia my biggest fear is to be stuck in a lift! If I can I will take the stairs but sometimes lifts are the only option. Recently I’ve been trying really hard to always look on the bright side of things so I was thinking, if I had to be stuck in a lift, at least it would give me a good chance to get to know some new people (because they can’t escape my nosey questions in a 3×3 box!).

Then it hit me! People always ask that classic interview question of “if you had to have 3 people round for dinner who would they be” but that would mean you would have to think about cooking and their dietary requirements and getting an impressive tablecloth (I’m overthinking this a lot I know but bare with me!) So I have decided to redesign the question…


  1. DAVID ATTENBOROUGH – I am yet to find someone who doesn’t like the planet earth series! Think of all the amazing stories he would have to tell of his adventures traveling and lets be honest any story would sound incredible in his voice, hearing about a trip to the supermarket would never sound so good!
  2. BRUNO MARS – I’ve always loved Bruno Mars but after watching him on James Cordons carpool karaoke (I love that series!) he seems like such a fun and entertaining guy! Plus imagine him teaching David Attenborough to dougie!
  3. KATE MOROSS – This is much more of a personal one than the others. Kate Moross is a designer who actually inspired me to start my graphic design journey! Her work with Cadburys and Topshop is incredible and I feel like I would learn a lot from her (also what a great connection that would be for when I finish university)

At first I had my boyfriend Dan at number one because he calms me down better than anyone when I’m panicking, and believe me I would panic if I was stuck in a lift! BUT I thought I would imagine that I could be a normal level of distressed if I did get stuck (sorry Dan).

I hope you enjoyed this post and it actually made sense, I am writing this at 2am when this crazy idea came to me so it might just all be nonsense! But I would love to know…

Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?

Go and grab another cuppa on me (I definitely need one now) Em x

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21 thoughts on “Stuck in a lift with?

  1. Someone actually asked me just this question the other day! David Attenborough is a fantastic choice. I chose Dylan O’Brien, David Tennant and Queen Elizabeth I (the condition being that it could be absolutely anyone from history too!) 🙂

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  2. This is such a great spin on a question.
    I feel like my answers would change all the time but for now:

    1. Jane Austen ( for a discussion of her female characters)
    2. Graham Norton (for the laughs)
    3. and… Tom Hiddleston (for purely aesthetic reasons). 😉

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  3. This is such a great thing to think about! I reckon for me it would have to be Quentin Tarantino, Scroobius Pip and Simon Pegg. I would never want to leave that lift, it would be such a great party !!

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  4. Interesting question! I love your answers – especially David Attenborough, what a national treasure! Plus you could always ring your boyfriend and be calmed down via the phone. I think I would choose the Queen, as what a conversationalist she must be, and I could just ask her so many questions that it would make the time fly by; Ed Sheeran for pure musical entertainment and legendary stories; and JK Rowling, as who doesn’t love her and her sass!

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  5. This is such an interesting question! I would love to be in a lift with David Attenborough and just narrate the whole time haha! It would calm me down and probably make me laugh!
    Hmmm… definitely Hayley Williams, Winona Ryder or Ru Paul! Or maybe all three we’d have one hell of a party!
    Robyn //

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  6. Loved this post! What a shout David Attenborough is!!

    Okay so after careful consideration I’ve come up with my 3!

    1. John Mayer (he makes me laugh and is a guilty pleasure, he could also sing me to sleep)

    2. Simon Singh (I enjoy his popular science and mathematical books, he could supply me with endless knowledge about codebreaking and the history of almost everything)

    3. Going to have to steal David A I’m afraid! I’m a massive animal lover and could be told story’s and facts about them all day!!

    With love,

    Fiona jane x

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  7. Omg once I was on vacation and I was getting out of the airport with my mom, mom’s friend, and my mom’s friend’s son and we got trapped in an elevator 😧 . We were in there for about 5 minutes at most, and we started calling and no one answered. Turns out I was standing in front of the sensor so the elevator couldn’t go down..So it wasn’t really my choice!

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