Hello Lovelies 

Lifestyle blog filled with all of my favourite things, Disney, Design and the Destinations I am lucky enough to travel to. There will also be some posts about my daily life and the things I come to love along the way.

Grab a cuppa and have a good read!

About me: 

“I just wanna make nice things and get enough sleep”

I grew up in a small English town just south of London with my parents and older brother. I was a very inquisitive child, with a love for dogs and a strong belief that I was a Disney character. None of that has changed, now I just have a greater appreciation for a good cup of tea (one sugar and a lil bit of milk)

I am currently a graphic design graduate from Norwich University of the Arts and still trying to find my way through life. This blog is a chance for you to relax, grab a cup of tea and learn along with me.